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Trip Log 2022-09-02 h08 -- Stability

Just learned (from a Youtube video) that China spends more on “stability management” (i.e., political repression) than on defense.  Good to know where your priorities are, I suppose...  It's been a while since the last Trip Log, so I'll start w/ current status: Still alive, and still wondering what the fuss is all about. 

Here are some images created by Stability.AI and their related prompts / seeds.  Enjoy! 

FPGA In Space (968072959)

Robotic Spider On A Champagne Glass (2778632878)

Purple Coffee In A Black Mug (1264086951)

Rainbow Stones In A Fast-Flowing Stream (1991654119)

Rainbow Stones In A Fast-Flowing Stream (2971590303)

Profile Of A Curious Woman (3900753203)

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