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Trip Log 2022-02-12 h04 -- Hooray! Part 12

This is the concluding Trip Log in the Hooray! series, where I bow out and we return you to your regularly scheduled program. 

Although all the checks were not marked in the end, that's OK.  Further work towards “non synchronized (all aspects)” requires re-design that has little to do w/ Guile-SDL.  Maybe a future series can get into that, or maybe I'll just plop the current stuff into Guile-SDL Demos and hack on it there (w/o presentation). 

Initially, I set myself these rules of thumb:

* rules of thumb
  - Never "break the build" (always runnable).
  - Add abstractions after multiple instances exist.
  - Group "add abstractions" patches for presentation.
    (It's okay to have multiple patches in one Part.)
  - Avoid name changes; let names foreshadow things.
    (However, it's not necessary to explain the foreshadowing.)
  - Minimize backtracking / rework (e.g., fg origin reposition).
  - Avoid ‘set!’ -- FP FTW!  :-D

The most difficult one to honor was “Minimize backtracking / rework”, since there were competing forces (clarity of presentation, primarily) that made “straight to the point” programming unfeasible.  Glad to say the “Avoid ‘set!’” was not hard at all.  Surprising since I've always considered myself a FP fan and not really acolyte. 

Thank-you for staying w/ me until the end.  If you have any ideas for other series, or even one-off posts, please let me know (English OK, just make it private :-D).  I'm especially interested in hearing encouragement about registering w/ Patreon to make artifacts (patches, repos) available on a membership basis.  That's an idea I feel attracted to, but lack the gumption to enact. 

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