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Trip Log 2017-10-20 h12

Writing the preceding trip log entry gave me an opportunity to take a look at the GNUVOLA patronage page, which lacked acknowledgement for the two instances of people pressing Flattr buttons I am aware of (since September 2014).  My bad!  Now fixed.  This is definitely an instance of “better late than never”, I'd say. 

Why the big delay?  Main reason is: poor state of automation.  I receive email from Flattr when someone presses a button and at present, reading that mail and updating the patronage page is a manual process.  The low number of button presses — only two in 37 months — could be a hint that automation is not worth investing effort.  Or, it could be {sp,cr}ooks have intercepted the notices and I remain ignorant.  Who knows? 

Anyway, to whomever did press, thanks again.  I appreciate your patience.  I'll try to keep the patronage page updated on a more timely basis (with or without automation) henceforth. 

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