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Trip Log 2017-10-20 h11 -- Contained Collection

A quick note to point out a new index on this site that connects individual trip log entries into a “trip”.  In this case, the entries all pertain to the Indices Style Upgrade series I'm writing to impress potential employers (hopefully).  Is this move “too little too late” or “better late than never”, I wonder. 

That page also includes a Flattr button, the first with category ‘text’ at GNUVOLA (as opposed to ‘images’ in /art, or ‘software’ in /software).  As the job application rejections pile up, I think more and more about decorating all these trip log entries (and indeed, every feasibly informative page) with such buttons. 

I figure, GNUVOLA has no Javascript, and maybe people who appreciate that courtesy, and enjoy (or wish to encourage) my writing, might welcome those buttons as a way to express their appreciation. 

I also figure, I no longer fear rejection (although I don't enjoy it).  Same goes for indifference.  These days my fears are more focused: food, shelter, and so on... 

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