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Trip Log 2017-08-27 h12

Yesterday, I started pondering how to incorporate “align” into my CV.  I've now settled on: “Overall: Aligned developer background and English language skills.” to describe what I did in a Technical Writer role.  It's a little strange to say “developer” when I mean “computer programmer” but I think the latter has fallen out of fashion nowadays.  No problem, I look at it as: 

    ingredient : recipe element
     procedure : program element
     developer : collaboration element

(I've talked about the first two before.)  I suppose a bunch of collaboration elements go into a collaboration, i.e., team, and what is employment but joining a team for pay? 

OK, now I turn to building the short list.  (I'm also toying w/ the idea of contacting a headhunter.  Hmm...) 

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