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Trip Log 2017-08-24 h07

As foreshadowed, I've pushed an initial batch of repos to GitLab: CMOD-PLAY (h), elisp tutorial (h), Guile-BAUX (h), IXIN (h), THUD (h), WIKID (h), xdgdirs (h), ZOW (h).  This does not include those related to GNU ELPA yet, however.  I'm still working on a script for that. 

For this batch, I initially did things manually, but eventually the caffeine kicked in, and I fell to writing (and then using) a script. 

$ init-gitlab-repo --version
init-gitlab-repo 1.0

$ init-gitlab-repo --help
Usage: init-gitlab-repo

Check that cwd is a top-level working dir (w/ subdir ‘.git’)
and that the current branch is ‘p’.

Add remote ‘gitlab’ based on cwd.  For example, if cwd is:
then remote ‘gitlab’ is:

Push branch ‘p’ and all tags there.

Note that this program DOES NOT create the repo (via ‘git init’).
That needs to be done beforehand w/ the web interface.

Although I'm adding the tag “employment” to this trip log entry, I hope everyone (including potential employers) can find something interesting in these repos.  More later, as time permits — I'll turn to CV maintenance and “release” now... 

Copyright (C) 2017 Thien-Thi Nguyen