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Trip Log 2017-07-29 h18

Another “life w/o Javascript” episode: I was able to login, generate and upload an ssh key (using the helpful instructions), ‘git clone’ the senza-js’ repo (which was initially empty), make locally and push to gitlab two commits (7f3802dd0, 78c9f3c52) on branch p (I dislike the confusion surrounding the varying preconceptions and prejudices that abound when blindly choosing the name ‘master’ — more on that later), and likewise make and push the tag 0.0.  All this w/o Javascript, and aside from the first push, all while logged out (I presume). 

So, even though it's doubtful I will be able to participate in the cookies discussion any time soon (because that requires Javascript), these experiments demonstrate that normal Git functionality is not impeded, so expect a spate of new repos pushed Real Soon Now.  Potential employers, wake up! 

BTW, I notice that the “group” I created doesn't show up publically.  Perhaps that concept is for individual user play rather than for shared organizational use.  So it goes... 

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