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Trip Log 2017-05-27 h20

Previously, I described manually adding index entries to Guile-BAUX and other projects.  This short followup shows mixed algorithmic/manual adding index entries (see two patches in this tarball).  The change is in classic one-two punch style: first extend the control (scanning code), then extend the data (scanned code).  Note that the first patch also updates the internals documentation — this is “No Docs, No Commit” in action, you see.  The key word here is “extend”, which rolls up “additive” and “optional” (and thus “backward compatible”).  This style guarantees that the tip of the current development branch is always functional (which, for doc-ops hacking, means the docs build normally and pass the sniff test).  Anyway, the result can be seen in the Index of the Guile-BAUX online documentation.  You might be thinking, hey this is kind of like old-school SEO, and you would be right.  Hmm, maybe I can get a job in marketing?  Why should bots have all the fun? 

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