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Trip Log 2017-05-18 h15

I've recently realized that the directory index files at this site should be named ‘index.xhtml’ rather than ‘index.html’ since the former has better “type safety”, so to speak.  Same goes for other generated files; the ‘.xhtml’ extension should be used for XHTML files — duh!  So far, I've converted all of /art/, /data/, /s/, and (the barely remembered) /wip/; and some of /software/ and /u/.  This is work in progress, so some places you will see in your browser the (correct) Content-Type ‘application/xhtml+xml’ while other places are still stuck on ‘text/html;charset=UTF-8’ (or even worse: simple ‘text/html’ sans charset information).  In the process, I fixed a timezone bug in ‘gtl2html’, and spiffed and formally released ‘mkindex’, as well.  More on the tooling later, perhaps. 

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