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Trip Log 2017-04-08 h23 -- U+2018, U+2019 Still Not Universally Welcome

Previously, I mentioned a couple macros I was in the process of submitting to the GNU Autoconf Archive.  Good news: They have both ("ax_prog_emacs.m4", "ax_elisp.m4") been accepted!  Thanks go to Peter Simons for the quick turnaround, as well as for the two follow-up commits to replace the Unicode quotation mark characters ‘U+2018’ and ‘U+2019’ I am in the habit of using with the easier-to-process ASCII apostrophe ‘U+27’ (here and here).  To help save everyone from making this mistake in the future, I have suggested adding a blurb on the preferred character encoding to the documentation.  Hopefully it, or something like it, will be likewise accepted. 

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