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Trip Log 2017-04-06 h20 -- Ratpoison Re-Actions

Another "gtl2html" change today: Spell "gnuvola" correctly!  (See navigation link text above, compared to yesterday's, where the incorrect spelling "gnuovla" appears.)  Egad!  I think this must have been introduced by my typing ‘C-t t’ at some point.  Normally, one ‘C-t’ is interpreted as the prefix key by the window manager (ratpoison).  Two consecutive ‘C-t’ tells ratpoison to switch to the previous (X) window, which is something I do every once in a while, to visit the Gnus-bearing Emacs.  Probably one of those times I intended to type ‘C-t C-t’ the finger on the control key lessened its pressure, and out came a ‘t’ instead.  This tells ratpoison to send ‘C-t’ to send a single ‘C-t’ to the underlying program (inevitably, Emacs, in my case).  In Emacs, ‘C-t’ is bound to ‘transpose-chars’.  Perhaps the cursor was on the "v" when that happened.  Anyway, the released version is now 1.4.  LIve and learn... 

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