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Trip Log 2017-04-05 h11 -- Another gtl2html Release

Today I updated the "gtl2html" program to canonicalize URLs in the Atom feed excerpt, and released version 1.3.  For example, software should be the same as software in the Atom feed, although they are different in the actual web page (source).  Contrast this with the 2017-03-31 Atom feed entry, for example. 

Here are the particulars:

$ git tag -n -l gtl2html/*
gtl2html/1.2    2017-03-30 10:43:04
gtl2html/1.3    2017-04-05 09:35:07

$ ../../gtl2html --version
gtl2html 1.3

$ glog --reverse gtl2html/1.2..gtl2html/1.3 -- ../../gtl2html
217d861 2017-03-30 Fix typo: Spell "insignificant" correctly
fe3cc7c 2017-04-05 gtl2html: Add abstraction: *VERBOSE*
9baa5d5 2017-04-05 gtl2html: Add abstraction: site
2434716 2017-04-05 gtl2html: Doc fix: Also mention ‘content’ Atom element.
bac988b 2017-04-05 [int] Decruft: Don't import some SRFI 13 ‘string-take-right’ twice.
ca574b7 2017-04-05 gtl2html: Canonicalize URLs in Atom feed excerpt.
054b03a 2017-04-05 Release: gtl2html 1.3

See also the raw patch.

Copyright (C) 2017 Thien-Thi Nguyen