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Trip Log 2013-07-26 h18 -- Trying Out Flattr

As mentioned in the last post (back in February), funding is the focus these days.  Since then, I've done a small amount of research and settled on Flattr, mostly because they can pay out in Euros and I recognized an acquaintance browsing the site.  Yes, gut feel.  Other suggestions that I considered and rejectd were bitcoin and freedomsponsors, the former because it seems to my eyes Too Much Work, and the latter because the site seems oriented towards high-visibility projects, which none of the stuff I hack could presume to be (aside, perhaps, from GNU RCS, but even that is a fading ember).  Anyway, to keep this post short (one paragraph), I direct your attention to the various small Flattr buttons currently at the bottom of the top, art, data, and software pages.  Ideally each and every byte dribbling from my fingertips (such as this post here) would have such a button, but I'm still working up the courage to show what a fine-grained mendicant can do.  Maybe soon, maybe not so soon.  Let's see how things go for now. 

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