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This directory tree contains ttn's personal elisp library, released under
GNU GPL with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  See the file COPYING for details.

See NEWS for a description of user-visible changes.
See ChangeLog and lisp/ChangeLog for complete details.
See AUTHORS and THANKS for correspondance info.
See TODO for an idea of future direction.

The rest of this file contains two sections: usage and manifest.

* Usage

	After unpacking, build and install with:

		make install

	You can specify env var EMACS to the first two commands to override
	the default value (which is simply "emacs" and resolves to the first
	dir in $PATH that has an "emacs" executable).

	Installation creates and populates dir ${sitelisp}/ttn-pers-elisp/
	where ${sitelisp} is normally ${datadir}/emacs/site-lisp, and
	${datadir} is normally ${prefix}/share.  You can override these
	values by using `--prefix' or `--with-sitelisp', like so:

		./configure --with-sitelisp=DIR

	Installation also creates ${sitelisp}/setup-ttn-pers-elisp.el
	which provides bootstrap command `setup-ttn-pers-elisp'.

	Typical usage (in ~/.emacs) is:

		(require 'setup-ttn-pers-elisp)

	This adds subdirs to `load-path' only and avoids further changes
	(such as enabling some autoloads via loading lisp/loaddefs.el,
	modifying keybindings, etc).  You can activate these changes by
	passing args to `setup-ttn-pers-elisp', q.v.

* Manifest

Below is output from command: "ls -lRtG -I CVS".
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