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Welcome to CMOD-PLAY

	CMOD-PLAY provides a skeleton for making compiled modules
	available to Guile Scheme programs, usable across multiple
	versions of Guile.  The included modules do not do anything
	particularly useful; the point is to demonstrate technique.

	CMOD-PLAY code is released under the GNU GPL v3+; the Texinfo
	manual is released under GFDL 1.3.

Installation AND Uninstallation

	See file INSTALL for generic installation instructions.

	  ./configure --prefix /tmp/foo
	  make check [DEBUG=1] [VERBOSE=1]
	  make install
	  make installcheck
	  make uninstall

	We recommend "./configure --prefix /tmp/foo" (or similar) and
	also "make uninstall" because the modules are not very useful.

	The best way to use this package is to read the manual,
	look at the source code, and THEN do the above steps,
	verifying that the steps work as documented.

Reporting Bugs

	Please report bugs; "./configure --help" tells where.