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110592004-11-04 23:42:47image/png0.png
75482004-11-01 15:22:30image/png1.png
224852004-11-02 18:28:38image/png2.png
123972004-11-15 11:44:32image/png3.png
209202004-11-15 13:25:19image/png4.png
121632004-12-02 12:27:09image/png5.png
25392004-12-03 12:12:02image/png6.png
118842004-12-22 10:59:14image/png7i.png
34612004-12-22 10:59:00image/png7t.png
227622005-02-06 15:44:44image/png8.png
251472005-03-17 08:46:05image/png9.png
2452012-09-18 07:40:32text/plainCOPYING

In September 2012, a writer for LinuxUser magazine:

asked permission to publish a screenshot from (the former URL):

which was incidentally still around at:

The gnuvola software page:

includes gnugo.el, although the entire set of 11 PNG image files
is available in this directory.  See COPYING for licensing info.